Monday Welcome Luncheon Address

Eric Nauman
Purdue University
School of Mechanical Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Keynote Title: "Implementation of Novel Teaching Methodologies - Successes and Challenges in First and Second Year Engineering at Purdue"
Keynote description: The ever-increasing rate of technological innovation presents a variety of challenges to educators, especially in science and engineering. As we attempt to recruit and retain more engineering students, we are forced to teach more material in less time, curb the potential for breaches of academic integrity, and to integrate professional and global development into our courses. Interestingly, methods for accomplishing many of these goals have been developed and tested in a variety of settings, but have not been widely integrated into the day-to-day instruction of students. Consequently, the goal of this project is examine the relative effectiveness of some of these methods and evaluate the factors that influence adoption of innovative educational tools by faculty, especially in the first and second year courses.

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