MYEE Conference 2016

Papers Proceedings

614 A Pedagogical Approach for a Sophomore Mechanics of Materials Course
Susan Reynolds

647 Advancing effectiveness of the flipped classroom through video analytics
Patrick Shamberger, Amber Muenzenberger

610 Assessment of Two Chemical Engineering Junior Concurrent Courses' Learning Outcomes Through A Design Challenge
Nelly Ramirez-Corona, Aurelio Lopez-Malo, Enrique Palou

635 Autonomy and Reflection in Dynamics
Marisa Orr

632 Benefits of a Study Abroad Program for Mid-Years Engineering Students
Robert O'Connell , Miguel Ayllon

630 Beyond the Rain in Spain - Just a Little bit of help for struggling students.
Chung Seop Jeong, Wilfrido Moreno

611 Changes in Metacognitive Awareness of Chemical Engineering Students from First to Senior Year
Nelly Ramirez-Corona, Enrique Palou, Aurelio Lopez-Malo

615 Class Demonstrations and Online Activities Used for Higher Level Learning
Matilda (Tillie) McVay, Arun Srinivasa

639 Concept Inventory to Test a Threshold Concept in Sophomore Engineering Mechanics Class
Jayavel Arumugam, John Haglund, Dale Cope, Arun Srinivasa

656 Developing A Culture of Entrepreneurial Mindsets Among Sophomores and Juniors
Magdalini Lagoudas, Rodney Boehm, James Wilson

652 Developing Engineering Students’ Intercultural Communication Competence: Tele-collaboration between U.S. and Qatari Students
Zohreh Eslami, Hassan Moghbelli

623 Engineering Transfer Students’ Recommendations for Enhancing Success and Easing the Transition into the Mid-Years of Engineering at Receiving Institutions: Preliminary Findings from a Multi-institutional Study Based in Texas
Andrea Ogilvie, David Knight

634 Environmental Engineering Laboratory Development to Promote Active and Hands-on Learning
Sanjay Tewari

628 Extended Abstract - Teaching Virtual Work Using Consistent Terminology With Prior Content Knowledge
Barry Rosson

651 Extended Abstract – Breaking Barriers to Skills and Training Gaps through Professional Development
James Ejiwale

603 Flipping Construction and Engineering Education Upside Down: Enhancing Student Learning and Improving Critical Thinking Through Hybrid Classrooms
Peter Rogers, Clinton Martin

631 From Assimilation to Value Proposition: Retaining Female Engineering Students through the Sophomore Year
Shawna Fletcher

604 Graduates Linked with Undergraduates in Engineering (GLUE) Research Program
Ana Dison

608 Improving and Strengthening Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University to Achieve Courses Objectives and Student Outcomes
TALAL GAMADI, Lloyd Heinze, Marshall Watson

620 Incorporating Sustainable Development Thinking in Mid-Years Engineering Education
Jorge R Lara

633 Integrating 2+2 Transfer Students in a New Mechanical Engineering Program
Robert Rabb, Monika Bubacz, Kevin Skenes, Jason Howison

609 Keeping Current: Teaching Mastercam and Design Theory in Hybrid Flipped Classroom
Austin Talley, Kimberly Talley

645 Longhorn Stream Team: An Experiential Environmental Science and Engineering Learning Community
Chelsea Jones, Scarlette Hsia, Julianne Scamardo, Kevin Nguyen, Adam Papendieck

605 Molecules and Cells: a model for addressing the needs of students with varied backgrounds and diverse learning styles
Eileen Haase, Harry Goldberg

653 Mountain View College HSI Excellence in Retention and Transition Award
Stephen Jones

648 Numerical Methods: Providing the Knowledge needed to Solve Engineering Equations
James Riggs

622 Organizational Socialization through a Three-Stage Co-op Model Yields Slump-to-Jump Transition during Engineering Mid-Years
Diane LaFreniere, Chris Plouff, Wael Mokhtar, Paul Plotkowski

618 Potentials of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for Mid-years Mechanical Engineering Education at the Age of Personal 3D Printers
Rachel Rebagay, Troy Mitchell, Tanil Ozkan

612 Project-Enhanced Active Learning for Mid Years Gateway Engineering Sciences
Razi Nalim

625 Retention-focused Onboarding of Engineering Students: Building Community, Developing Professional Ethos, and Fostering Academic Survival
Kelly Brumbelow, Gretchen Miller

654 San Jacinto HSI Excellence in Retention and Transition Award
Andrew Vines, Karen Duston

655 South Texas HSI Excellence in Retention and Transition Award
Kelli Davis

640 Special Session: The Value of Reflection in the Mid Years of Engineering
Sohum Sohoni, Micah Lande, Adam Carberry, Kristine Csavina

619 Students’ Expectations and Responses to Active Learning in Undergraduate Engineering Courses
Kevin Nguyen, Prateek Shekhar, Jenefer Husman, Maura Borrego, Michael Prince, Cynthia Finelli, Cynthia Waters, Robert Matthew DeMonbrun, Charles Henderson

617 The Missing Curricular Emphasis on the Correlation Between Technical Subjects
Oscar Garcia

642 Traffic Study using a Video Camera and an Image Processing Software: Lessons Learned
Nazimuddin Wasiuddin, Marisa Orr, Sanjay Tewari

606 Transfer Student Integration Small Group Discussion Workshop
Bonnie Boardman, Nancy Michael, Lynn Peterson

629 Using Various Active Learning Techniques to Create Excitement and Enhance Learning in a Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Course
Simon Ghanat, Michael Grayson

607 Writing to Learn: Journals in the Food Chemistry Classroom
Enrique Palou, Judith Virginia Gutierrez Cuba, Nelly Ramirez-Corona, Aurelio Lopez-Malo


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