Conference Stage 1: Abstracts
A. Abstract Submission

As soon as the conference has been advertised, the Abstract Submission Site is available to the potential participants to submit their proposals. Depending on the type of the conference, the organizers may choose to collect different data: names and contact information for one or all authors, short and/or long biographies, presentation information, information about memberships in professional societies, etc. The sample form above is customizable: you decide what data is important for your conference, and we collect it for you.

B. Abstract Administration

Each submitted proposal is processed and archived. An updated list of all proposals sorted by a self selected conference track, is available to the conference organizers at all times. Depending on the developments, you may choose to invite more authors in a particular track, subdivide some tracks, or make other modifications.

C. Author Notification

Once the deadline for abstract submission is reached, the organizing committee makes a decision on which authors will be invited to submit completed presentations for review. We can send out the email messages to the authos on your behalf. Both the acceptance and the rejection messages are sent with your email address in the header, so any responses or questions will come back directly to you. We keep a log of all the messages sent, and the corresponding text.

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