Conference Stage 2: Review Stage
A. Submitting Paper Drafts

The authors upload their presentations to our web server. As soon as the presentations are uploaded, we convert them to Adobe PDF format and post them on the review site.

B. Assigning Reviewers

The conference organizing committee creates a list of review assignments, deciding which reviewers will review each of the submitted draft papers. Once that assignment list is passed to us, we create a unique username and password for each reviewer, and send them an email message with instructions on how to conduct a review.

C. Conducting Reviews

Each reviewer can see only the papers s/he is assigned, and can fill out a review form only for those papers. As each review is submitted, a copy is sent to the reviewer, the conference chair in charge of that paper and a copy is stored on our servers.

D. Notifying Authors

This is the only manual stage of the conference process. We can send all of the reviews to the authors directly taking care to remove any identifying information. Unfortunately, the reviews are often contradictory, thus requiring careful analysis by the conference organizers. Once the consistent feedback message is composed, we can forward it to the author on your behalf.

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